KUSCO Scholarship How to Apply - KUSCO/ KSEA Scholarship

How to Apply - KUSCO/KSEA Scholarship


The applicant should be:

  1. Korean, Korean-American or American involved in Korea-US S&E Collaboration
  2. Studying Science and Engineering (excludes medical school students)
  3. Enrolled in a Master’s or Ph.D. course in the US
  4. Submitting all the application materials for review


Application Materials

  1. KUSCO Scholarship Application Form - Online Application
  2. Essay: "How can you combine your research area with other disciplines for interdisciplinary research?" (600-800 words limit)
  3. Official transcripts from colleges attended
  4. Two recommendation letters (one letter must be from a current advisor)


Evaluation Criteria

  1. Academic performance – 30%
  2. Recommendation Letters – 20%
  3. Work experience and extracurricular activities - 30%
  4. Essay - 20%


Application Deadline

  • Deadline: 5:00 PM(EST) March 31, 2013


Announcement and Award Presentation

  • The recipients of the scholarships will be announced on the KUSCO (www.kusco.org/) and KSEA webpage (www.ksea.org/) during May or early June every-year.
  • The certificate and KUSCO scholarship fund will be presented at the UKC Conference and all recipients are required to make poster or oral presentations on their research areas at UKC. If awardees are unable to attend the ceremony, the certificate and scholarship fund will be mailed to the KSEA local chapter president. Each chapter can perform their own ceremony. But it is strongly recommended all scholarship recipients are encouraged to attend the UKC award ceremony.
  • For more info click http://scholarship.ksea.org/InfoGraduate.aspx



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