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KUSCO Upcoming Events



KUSCO is pleased to announce that there will be the WEST Welcoming Party for 5th & 6th Round on May 6th. KUSCO expects to see more than 40 WEST program participants to come based in VA area. Please click the following link for the invitation.





The Korean Women in Science and Engineering (KWiSE) will host 2011 KWiSE Women in Science and Career Forum in three locations; East Coast Symposium, West Coast Symposium and Southeastern Symposium on May 14, May 21 respectively. Southeastern Symposium is added for the first time and held within KSEA Southeastern Regional Conference. The details are posted at http://www.kwise.org




KUSCO is pleased to announce that Minister of MEST(Ministry of Education, Science and Technology)  along with delegations from NRF(National Research Foundation of Korea) will visit to the states from May 10th to 14 for the following agenda:

- Meeting with Korean-American Leaders

- Visiting the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

- Meeting with WEST program participants

- Meeting with Director of Office of Science Technology Policy

- Visiting the National Research Foundation

- Meeting with Secretary of Department of Education & Energy, etc



Global Internship Support Center (GISC) plans to visit to KUSCO on May 17th to oversee the current stage of the WEST program and to discuss future plan. GISC will come along with press to interview KUSCO-WEST team members and KUSCO. GISC will visit other WEST program sponsors as well.




KUSCO plans to hold the2nd KUSCO LTDP(Long-Term Development Plan) Committee Meeting on June 11th at the KUSCO Conference Room.



KSEA Northeast Regional Conference will be held on June 24-25 at Holiday Inn, NEW JERSEY.


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